Children’s Department

The children are so sweet and precious.  God has blessed us with our children and given us a great responsibility to raise them in the knowledge of the Word of God.  We allowed prayer to escape our schools years ago.  We do not need to allow prayer to escape our Sunday School and permit God to be taken from our children’s lives by the devil as he plots to destroy them by any means possible.  They need Sunday School!  They need prayer!  They need God!

We want to let you know some of the things that we are planning for the future as we strive to build our children’s department and make it all that it can be for God.

Easter Sunday

Our children did a wonderful job playing the different parts in a movie about Jesus Christ and His Resurrection. It was presented to the Church on Easter Sunday and our children touched the hearts of everyone who viewed the movie. We hope to do more films with our children in the future.

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